Promotion Requirements & process


-Must be at least a Lieutenant to give promotions


-Only can promote up to 2 ranks below you


-Must pass the test to be promoted (Master Sergeant - Major)


-The person who trained the member cant promote the member (unless a
higher-up is there)


PVT to CPL: Must be in NFG for at least 1 week or recommend 3 total recruits


CPL to SGT: Must be in NFG for at least 2 weeks or recommend 6 total recruits


SGT to MSGT: Must be SGT for at least 1 week, must pass MSGT Test


MSGT through MJR: Must be the previous rank for at least 2 weeks and must pass the next rank test



Promotion Process

The promoting officer must be:

-Confident that this member is ready to be promoted


-Making sure the member wants to be promoted to this rank


-Making sure this member has the necessary notes required for the promotion to that rank


-Making sure the member member is ready before giving the test to receive the promotion


-Making sure themselves have the necessary notes t give the test and promotion


-Inviting the member to the party and giving the actual test


-Congratulating them for the promotion (if they pass duh)


-Posting their promotion in your division's officer check-in forum