Nuclear Fusion Gaming

Member of the week (MOTW)

MOTW guidelines:


-MOTW is given on Monday Night Meeting


-MOTW is decided during an officer meeting after DIV meeting and before Monday Night Meeting


-MOTW must be approved by MJR or higher during officer meeting


-MOTW lasts from Monday activity (Beginning) until Sunday DIV meeting (Ending)


-MOTW must have attended 3 (Minimum) activities during the previous week


-MOTW may change Primary Armor Color to GOLD (Halo 4) and Service Tag to MOTW during his week (Optional)


So member of the week gets:

-Color change

-Promotion (depending on current rank if they pass Squad Leader's questions

--3 of them up to 2 ranks higher than person being questioned

---Questions can be hard or easy but must be realistic

-Can run an activity if rank of master sergeant